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My sister, Andy, lives in South Bend and works at The University of Notre Dame's Hesburgh Library and I hadn't been down to see the new house she purchased so I took the MKE>Chicago and Chicago>South Bend train to see her for the weekend and experience a Notre Dame Football game. Sadly UCONN beat them on their last home game of the year, but the weather was nice so it wasn't an entirely bad weekend! These photos were taken with Andy's little camera...much less depth of field and creative flexibility but MUCH smaller!

After watching a Japanese-language film we stopped by the midnight drum circle, they had neat green fire in their cymbals (on some aluminum foil) - very Irish

A big crowd...

We walked from her house to the game, it was quite convenient and these odd little fire hydrant people marked the way!

Tailgating + Liquor Store = Disaster

Being the inquisitive minds we are, we visited the "What's the buzz about fruit flies" lecture in the science building. We thought it would be a lecture but it was mostly a lab (and we were late so we had to absorb info about p- vs p+ and bar eyes quickly!)

On the verge of a fruit fly breakthrough!

Andy prepares to paint with fruit flies...ok, so she's positioning the flies so we can answer that age old question about retinal degeneration in fruit flies

Aren't those cute little critters?

That's what they eat...it's Aunt Jemima corn meal, molasses, and other assorted non-fruit food...poor uninformed lab fruit flies

Next it was off to the Hospitality Village (next to the Tailgating City) - Jeff, a friend from work at GE, was kind enough to put us on the NBCU tent list since GE recruiting has a strong presence there. Here are the spoils of hospitality!

Andy and I with perhaps one of the last-known photos of the peacock near a GE event if news reports are true

Then we scurried over to the main building to see "Trumpets Under the Dome" which was super although I fear for those on the first floor as the trumpets clear spit valves

A quick video slideshow of some photos/video clips (from Andy's handy little camera) of the Notre Dame band!

Finally to the game (we sat near the librarians and you know the university is serious about football when the librarians have an area of seats), it was a sunny beautiful day (50 degrees+ in late November!)

Sadly they lost the game, but it's just a game, right?

See, even Jesus is shrugging his shoulders, perhaps I'll call him sports-indifferent Jesus?

And who would blame him? People littered all over the palace outside the stadium...

Ok, I understand everyone wants to go to the game but perhaps better trash can arrangement or grounds staff would make this look less like a recycling station

This was a cute little bus with a smiling shamrock...

...and no dome but a statue of Mary (I wonder if that's real gold...I could send her in for CASH!)

Lots of cigar smokers around as well...littering Dominican/Cuban cigars...

Here's a nice spider plant in Andy's house - it's growing like crazy!

Andy's a KU grad and Jayhawk fan, I like the name!

I MUST have one of these neat toys!

Nice little Clementine oranges and postage stamps of the world

Classic 1950s fixtures in the bathroom, kinda art deco-y

Nice tile pattern

Fun window cranks too...

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