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Daniel and I visited my parents over a September weekend in Iowa City, Iowa. We also visited good friends in the area, but most of my photos were dedicated to a bike ride (10+ miles!) that we all took.

The sun rises over the condo-lands where the elder Langhurst clan lives...

Jude is first unsure and looks for any cars or other dangers...

But before long she darts around the condo parking lot with great skill

Poor Val is stuck pumping up the tires on my bike to regulation PSI

That looks good...that red dot must mean SOMETHING!

Everybody said I shouldn't take my camera with me on the bike ride - I suppose good advice especially with the narrow wheels of the bikes. Here's a photo of Jude barely winded after the ride.

Mom and Dad pose with their favorite worldly belongings! Trek bicycle diehards!


Poor Daniel had a mini-crash (just as I was reminding him to buckle his helmet beneath his chin) but luckily the only damage was to his knee (note to self, invent a knee-helmet...darn I think someone already did that...)

Cheered by the endorphin rush don't we look so satiated?

This is my biker hand signal - does it look realistic?

Mom and I

Who knew I could buy invigoration at only a few dollars a gallon I think that's cheaper than biking home to Wisconsin...

Incidentally my parents appear to live in Big Brother-land, with at least 5 cameras on this intersection, I mean how many cameras can a person use?


On the way to visit Josh and Laura in Iowa City we saw this cute dog

A statue of St. Francis of Assisi I got my parents from a recent trip

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