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Upon retirement my mom and dad have become obsessed with fitness and especially Trek bicycling. So, when they came up to Pewaukee to visit Daniel and I we made sure to head over to Waterloo, Wisconsin where Trek is headquartered and manufacturing of high end carbon fiber frames happens. Unfortunately the main lobby was under rennovation and you couldn't take photos in manufacturing areas, but I got a few photos from the trip.

The temporary lobby was QUITE packed just before the 4th of July holiday but after some waiting the tour guides arrived.

While waiting we were right next to employee bikes stored in the lobby on racks/etc so here's a real Trek employee's bike!

A Tour de Lance...I mean France...yellow jersey, Trek has made the bikes for Lance Armstrong for quite some time

Co-Founder of Trek Dick Burke died in March 2008. He funded a large scholarship program (Burke Scholars) and was a Trustee at Marquette University.

Mom stands in front of the entrance to the Design Studios at Trek

A very nice fitness center for employees

Walking through hallways we saw several bikes scattered around

Since when did dust bother a bike?

In the cafeteria there were several previous Tour de France/Lance Armstrong bikes


600 is a lot of bikes for a tour...

Not everybody at Trek knows everything about bikes, a nice training schedule

Isn't that a nice name for a printer? LANCE05 must perform remarkably well, perhaps there will have to be some toner juicing test to make sure it's not using performance enhancing products...

The Trek LIVESTRONG U23 team develops young riders and is based out of Austin, Texas

Really, how do they know if an expectant mother parks there or not?

A colorful vehicle in the parking lot caught my eye

Interesting paint job, from West Virginia and bumper said "CAUTION Traveling at the speed of veggie oil"

Dad and Mom in front of the Trek Sign

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