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On Saturday, June 19, 2008 I drove down to Chicago (Hoffman Estates specifically) to attend the Hindu wedding ceremony (Lagna Samarambh) of Bobby Trivedi, a friend from GE Healthcare, and Tiffany Retherford. It was a very interesting affair and quite fancy in all respects - enjoy the photos.

I missed out on the first part of the Jaan Aagman (Groom's Procession) where Bobby arrived in a nice car to the site of the wedding with his family followed by lots of dancing, smoke, and music in the parking lot area

It's like a football game!

Make a tunnel...

They're keeping him from his bride-to-be!

Finally - I think this is part of the Dwar Pooja (Welcoming the Groom) where Tiffany arrived with her close friends to greet Bobby with a garland and they place one around each other's necks.

Tiffany's father Bob does a blessing under the guidance of the priest at the start/just before the start of the ceremony


A while into the ceremony something amazing happened - ice cream cake was served! I think this is a great idea and I might refuse to attend any weddings in the future that don't include ice cream cake. Now, in a 1.5 hour ceremony you do need SOMETHING to break things up though.

As a part of the Kanya Aagman (Arrival of the Bride - see now you know the word for arrival is Aagman!) they again exchange garlands (I hope somebody just used the ones from before...I hate to see a waste of garlands)


I think this is the Kanyadan (Giving away the Bride) where Tiffany's parents Bob & Nancy tie one end of Bobby's scarf to one corner of Tiffany's Sari with a beetle nut, coins, rice, grass, and flowers (signifying fertility, prosperity, longevity, and happiness).

Also during the Kanyadan the vermala (hand woven cotton cord) is placed around the couple's neck to unite them and protect them from evil influences (and there was also a specific way to hold the cord)

To make sure the women on Tiffany and Bobby's side of the family get along the priest made them tie cloths from each side together

This might be the Mangal Sutra Dharan. Oh - you don't KNOW what the Mangal is?? Weeelllll...I guess I'll tell you then. It of course is when the guy in front of me got up to answer his mobile phone.
But more importantly it was when the thread containing the marks of the Vishnu or Shiva was tied on Tiffany's neck (or as the program said "the Tiffany's neck"). The black beads signified protection from evil power. It is believed to protect their marriage and their lives.

Finally - a ceremony that shows what life will be like AFTER. Just kidding, this is something not listed in the program but it involved Tiffany feeding Bobby and vice versa to show I think that they would care for each other.

I liked the Akhand Saubhagyavati (Blessings from Married Women) the best - it is when invited married women from Tiffany's and Bobby's family greet the couple and whisper good wishes (Luck, prosperity and happiness in Tiffany's right ear). It looked like lots of fun.

The ancient and modern...

The parents also get to collaborate as well!


The whole setup was quite nice - it was in a tent along side the reception hall. This wasn't your everyday nice tent for a picnic - it had windows, air conditioners, chandilears, and even a golden altar (although I think it was just painted gold). It also had lots of nice decorations like this.

There was a videographer (with steadicam), a static/tripod videographer, and the photographer and they actually got to hang out right up by the altar

Golden or guilded?

See - a nice tent...

Neat decorations over the entrance to the main room of the tent

My friend Brad MacLean from GE Healthcare IMLP (still with GE), Bobby, Tiffany, and Bobby's brother I think

After dinner (which was one of the better vegetarian meals I've had) all the cousins did a very elaborate dance number of the story of Bobby and Tiffany - think West Side Story but with a Bollywood twist

A bit of dancing!


Bobby and Brad

Bobby, Brad, and Tiffany

Tiffany strikes a pose!

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