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He used the line about giving tuition credits of up to $4k per year to middle-class students for college if they do community service "We’ll invest in you, you’ll invest in America; together we’ll make this country great" which is a nice generous idea, but it doesn't go far enough for some of the debt issues he mentioned such as $40-50k debt of students upon leaving college considering it would only give $12k max. Still, it's a good idea and a very positive helping message that youth will be happy with due not only to the credit but the community service/involvement aspect.

Yes, Brack, point to that TV light - I want them to be turned off due to the light pollution they're causing in my photos!

But if you zoom in between the lights (as I was in line between them thanks to switching places with Andrew) it wasn't so bad

Look - Obama found Governor Doyle in the audience, they are friends!

Then I thought...maybe I can USE the lights


On of the wave/crowd leaders got to ask a question - she was from a Wauwatosa High School and asked about how we would affect change in Darfur. Obama went into professioral mode which was endearing but not well suited to TV media or those not interested in the geopolitics of Sudan - I think he did talk about how to build support, but didn't deal with tricky issues specifically such as how to convince China without causing economic, trade, or nuclear meltdowns in the future.
there were 5 questions - on something I don't recall, on healthcare by a cancer survivor, on term limits for congress, on how to get people back into homes after the mortgage crisis, and on Darfur.


This guy got a sign...he was lucky - our section (which was fairly aisle-locked) didn't get any signs but that wasn't all bad because then people in front of us couldn't block my camera

After the town hall, Obama took one lap around the crowd

The media were hovering over...especially the mic guy from TV to catch any especially unguarded statements by the candidate


Campaigning must be very tiring...you have to look excited so often



The podium sign just before someone stole it (everybody wanted a sign!)


Beth and Andrew

Jay and Andrew

Poor reporters have to file their photos and stories in the same room as the general public..and those deadlines - this reporter looks beat!

The Obama laptop recording every second of the speech I assume

Waukesha police were out in force during the event (even along the road back to I-94)

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