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A statue of St. Ignatius in front of Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library

Another friend of mine from college, Brad, next to his favorite residence hall (Gallagher Hall) and his favorite type of trash can (big, brown, and covered with faux-stone)

What better place for another fountain than at the end of campus?

Alison and Katie with the new mall in the background

Now, although sculptures are nice, some of them were a bit odd - I don't think Creighton admits students this young, and I can just imagine someone running for a frisbee and getting quite hurt against that non-wooden log. Of course, flowerbeds were around to prevent that, but sometimes students forget about flowers

Another view of the new mall with the fountain (the sculpture on top of the fountain was percieved as quite odd when it was placed there as well to be fair)

Everyone points to the awkward absence of that memorial flowerbed holder thing. Of course, considering we can't remember what it was in memory of it's probably not terrible, but considering the new flower explosion I would have thought it would have been protected. Maybe a memorial to the memorial should be placed there?

Looking skyward to the 9 North area of Swanson Hall where I lived most of my time at Creighton, I saw just at the corner of my room that Public Safety must have installed their own webcam...I guess they got used to the view when the original Creighton Webcam was hosted from my dorm room?

Michael G. Morrison, S.J. Stadium on the far East side of campus is quite a structure


The field inside

Billy Bluejay stands guard just inside the stadium

The new Davis Square apartment housing for upperclassmen at Creighton

By Fall of 2008 this will be home to the Living Learning Center. It will be a $50 million, 200,000 square-foot, four-story building. It is located northeast of 21st and California streets, where the Epsen Hillmer Graphics building once stood. IMG_8618

Another new addition is the parking garage between McGloin and the Administration Building. A three story structure with space for faculty/staff and students I'm sure it is well utilized.



The hillside had to be built up along the far side as the structure is at least a story higher than the old ground parking lot.

Looking down the parking garage's top level towards the Old Gym and 24th Street on the left

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