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I was back in Omaha, Nebraska for Matt Brigg's wedding, a friend from college at Creighton University. U took the opportunity to get some photos of the changes on campus since my time there.

The Skinner Mall west of St. John's has changed dramatically from the old days of original Omaha street brick and trolley rails. Now there is one ramp-like walkway and another with stairs with a bench-level concrete divider in the middle.

The area in front of the Skutt Student Center, one just a simple concrete deck and lawn now has a ramp and stair approach as well as several rows of flower beds around it

The entire outer layer of stones (sandstone?) of St. John's are being removed, replaced in many cases and re-tucked. Cherrypickers are seen here working on the main clocktower

A side view of the mall just East of the entrance to the Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library, there are flowerbeds along the mall as well

The Skutt Student Center looks roughly the same, this was about the only place I didn't see flowerbeds - who knows, they might be a nice addition in place of the fireplace!

A color-adjusted view of the steps to the Observatory in the Jesuit Gardens. A nice new sign asking people to respect the structure and not walk on it is there in additon to the chain

Detail of the North side of the main clocktower of St. John's showing the removed and replaced stones (and the brick structure beneath)

The Hixon-Lied Science Building (as it says in big letters) and the Michael P. Anderson Plaza green space in front

Inside the Hixon-Lied building

A panoramic of the inside of the building

A window display in COBA (College of Business Administration)

I understand new buildings can be expensive and space is at a premium...but "Arts & Science Faculty" in what almost looks like a trailer with wooden stairs off the parking lot? Hopefully this is temporary

Fashionable Delta Zeta Sorority Sisters in their Homecoming Golf Cart Parade entry

More of the Homecoming Parade, the Pep Band was even there to provide music



Whereas the old mall was self-cleaning (things would just slip between the bricks and decay), looks like someone probably has to clean this new one

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