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Wood National Cemetery

Wood National Cemetery - August 3, 2002
Right off I-94 highway in Milwaukee is a GIANT national cemetery, Wood National Cemetery. I've driven past it enough times that I finally decided to stop and take a few photos.

This was a separate photo of an American Flag at Perkins in Brookfield, but I thought it fit well

Well, I couldn't figure out how to get into the cemetery at first, so this is a photo from a neighboring Jewish cemetery. In the background is the dome of Miller Park Baseball Stadium. The colors were obviously adjusted for mood.

The Jewish cemetery was quite packed, I thought this made an interesting photo with the Star of David and last name "Berlin" with the place of Germany in Jewish history and such

Karen Spector...she's finally lived up to her name, huh? (just kidding folks...just kidding)

Finally I found my way into the cemetery, here's a photo from a hill with a monument, hue modified for effect

I thought the idea of I-94 passing between the cemetery was an interesting one, put a cannon in the way and wait for a good-sized semi and you've got a photo

Or two...

More Miller Park and headstones

Lots and lots of graves



They were re-aligning and re-seating these headstones, I thought it made a neat photo with the word "Ann" highlighted from the strings

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