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A trip to Minneapolis

A trip to Minneapolis - July 26-28, 2002
I made a quick weekend trip to Minneapolis to visit a few friends/family members. I visited my friend Keri Leemkuil from Creighton. She's now in Minneapolis starting her own dance studio in Hudson, Wisconsin. I also visited my grandma and grandpa on my mother's side in the nursing home. Finally, I paid a visit to my Aunt Cathy and her two kids, Jennie and Joey. It was a very enjoyable weekend, as the photos show! By the way, these are the first major photos from my new Canon D60 that I got for my upcoming 6-month relocation to Amsterdam. I think it works pretty well.

What else is there to do in Minnesota but relax (or defy death) on one of the more than 10,000 lakes (I think that's the number). This is the lake my aunt lives on, I think it's called Big or Little Carnelius.

Them are ducks...

People on the lake going a bit slower

Jennie just after eating an oreo cookie

Jennie and Joey posing for a photo IN the lake

Jennie and Joey along the lakeside

Jennie and Joey on the deck just above the shore



Jennie and I pose for a photo. Yes, I know the framing isn't perfect, but Joey took the photo -- so I think he did pretty well for his first time with my camera!

Aren't they cute?? Cathy with Jennie and Joey

Keri and I

I stayed with Keri and Brad and Bradley in Hudson, Wisconsin just across the St. Croix River. These are photos of Keri and her new dance studio. Above are her last pair of toeshoes (I guess you can only wear them to a certain age since your feet grow and such).

Keri poses in her studio with the her original dance bar (or whatever it's called) that was in her house, now in her new studio

Keri in motion...

Keri standing still

Tap, jazz, and ballet shoes with a cute little bear from the studio

A panoramic of the main dance area of the studio

Keri's location in downtown Hudson

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