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Falcasantos Wedding

Rebecca (Stephens) & Brian Falcasantos Wedding - July 5, 2002
Well, one good wedding deserves another. Amongst the many weddings this summer was that of Rebecca Stephens and Brian Falcasantos (talk about a big leap in last names!). Brian and Becca have known each other for quite a number of years and Brian is currently stationed in Germany with the US military. In fact, right now (July 25, 2002) Becca is spending some much-anticipated time with Brian. Although an out-of-the-way German town with a military base isn't the most interesting city in Germany, I'm sure Becca wouldn't want to be any other place right now. Their wedding was held July 5th, 2002 in St. John's Church on the campus of Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Below are some photos from my trip to Omaha over the long July 4th weekend and from the wedding, enjoy!

The giant First National Bank of Omaha building now looms over downtown...quite impressive

Not as large certainly, but nearly as expensive - construction for the new Science Complex is well underway



St. John's and the fountain...had to take this photo again even if it isn't much different from the many I have in my archives already

I really like this photo...tough to take it without being noticed, used my 28-135mm lens at the highest telephoto (210mm on the Canon D30) to take it from a distance. As always my favorite element, symmetry, is present, nice gestures and color. I'm not sure if the Christian Spirituality Program was in session while I was there but I guess that perhaps the sister wearing the habit on the right may have been at Creighton for that program.

No people in this one, but I liked the idea of the flowers

Fireworks...taken at Choco Park out in suburbian Omaha from the roof of a house of one of Matt Briggs' friends who was having a Fourth of July celebration

I got REALLY tired of not having a tripod and knowing the photos would be blurry so I decided to attempt moving the camera on purpose to see the effect, slightly interesting

Oh yes! I forgot, there's a wedding to show...the last details fall into place before the wedding begins

Just prior to the procession

Hugs for everyone!

Standing at the altar

Fr. Thelen welcomes everyone and speaks briefly

The homily, well done, by Fr. Thelen

This is when I wish I had a bigger telephoto lens...just a bit closer would have been nice, but interesting framing with the columns

Becca offers the cup to her professor, Dr. Joan Mueller, during Communion

Some of Becca's friends after the wedding

Ok, so they're not really prepared for a photo, I snuck this photo in quickly during a break while the real photographer was switching out equipment after the ceremony

Timed between flashes of the other photographer taking a larger group on the altar

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