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Burch Wedding

Burch Wedding - May 10, 2003
Below you will find photos from the wedding of JR Burch and Stephanie Beneke. The ceremony and reception were held in Fort Wayne, Indiana - a city of about 200,000. JR is also in the same program as myself (the Information Management Leadership Program) at GE Medical Systems.

JR and Steph after the wedding, getting on the trolly that took the wedding party to the park for photos and the reception

JR, the gentleman that he is, carries the train on Steph's wedding dress as the wedding party enters a nearby park for wedding photos

Steph is no push-over wife, so I JR/Steph stage this photo before the official photographer got there to take photos

Awww...this is a nice photo! Funny thing is, it was posed by the official photographer for another angle...I was just standing to the side looking for photo ops and saw this one, luckily I've gotten fairly good at getting my camera turned on, at eye level, and zooming in quickly!

Couples, kids, and flowers...what more can you ask for?

JR and his parents

JR and his sisters

Guess what? JR and his family!

The groomsmen "throw" JR into the lake (not really folks...but we were practicing a "joke" photo of them throwing him into the water further back and then they pretended to actually throw him in down their farce of a farce made JR's expression more believable in this farcical photo)

Gotta love the wedding party in the background, wondering what the crazy groom is up to

JR and his groomsmen

Steph, JR and JR's family

Steph and one of JR's groomsmen

Same w/ JR

Barry Black, JR's roommate, JR, and Ben Hahlen (all work at GE Medical) do their best "cool" walk

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